Everson Museum


The Other New York: 2012 is a community-wide, multi-venue biennial exhibition that is the result of a major collaboration among twelve art organizations in Syracuse. This ambitious project aims to highlight the rich talent of artists across Upstate New York, with a special focus on Central New York and the surrounding counties. The project will offer diverse arts venues and outdoor public spaces for contemporary creative expression on a scale not before seen in Syracuse. In addition, TONY: 2012 demonstrates the power of artistic partnerships to boost public awareness of the arts by presenting opportunities for the community to connect with exhibitions, programs, and events offered simultaneously throughout the city.

TONY: 2012 is organized by the Everson Museum of Art in collaboration with ArtRage—The Norton Putter Gallery, Community Folk Art Center, Erie Canal Museum, Light Work, Punto de Contacto/Point of Contact/, Red House Arts Center, Stone Quarry Hill Art Park, SUArt Galleries, Urban Video Project, The Warehouse Gallery, and the City of Syracuse. Alternative art spaces in the form of freight containers will provide temporary exhibition/installation sites. The containers will be strategically located in the city to link arts venues and encourage visitors to walk and experience art along the way.


The Other New York: 2012 has grown out of a long tradition of regional exhibitions organized by The Syracuse Museum of Fine Arts (now the Everson Museum of Art) as early as 1901. The first exhibition showcasing Central New York artists was held in the Onondaga Savings Bank located in downtown Syracuse where the Museum converted a leased space into a gallery. The SMFA continued to feature regional artists after it relocated to the second floor of the Syracuse Public Library in Columbus Circle and later the Mansion House on James Street. Not long after the Everson settled into the current I.M. Pei building in 1968, it carried on the Biennial tradition. Since 1974, the Biennial has evolved into a showcase for Central New York artists, offering a rich survey of the vibrant art scene that thrives in this region. In 2008, the Everson expanded the Biennial to include artists from all of New York State and devoted the entire Museum building to the exhibition. In 2010, the Biennial was reinvented as The Edge of Art: New York State Artists Series, four smaller, but tightly focused exhibitions scheduled throughout the year.

In the past few years the Everson has emerged as the cultural leader in the region, increasing its profile in the arts community which, as a result, has become energized, engaged, and eager for more artistic interaction. With this in mind, the Everson aims to transform the Biennial into a multi-venue, community-wide regional exhibition by collaborating with arts organizations in Syracuse to present The Other New York: 2012.