Daniel Buckingham: Secret Invitation

May 10, 2014 - August 10, 2014

Buckingham’s triple arch pavilion, Secret Invitation is informed by an 8-year bicycle trip the artist took around the world. Immersed in the history of the Silk Road, which facilitated the transmission of goods, ideas, culture, and religion, Buckingham’s social sculpture is intended to serve as a space to meet people from our community, share stories and even, as the artist suggests, fall in love. Daniel Buckingham: Secret Invitation is part of The Edge of Art Series.

This exhibition is made possible in part by M&T Bank, The Blanck Family Foundation, Bond Schoeneck & King, Cannon Pools and Spas, Destiny USA, First Niagara, Dietz Designs, The George L. Wladis Companies, Haylor, Fryer and Coon, J.M. McDonald Foundation, Lockheed Martin, The Peddler Foundation, SRC, Inc., Michael and Valerie Clarke, Patricia J. Numann, MD, David and Nancy Ridings, Louise Rosenfield, Jack and Stephanie Rudnick, Tonia M. and Robert B. Salisbury, Dr. Paul E. Phillips and Sharon Sullivan, and Catherine J. Winger.