Handmade: The Art of Susan Roth, 1974-2014

June 6, 2015 - August 23, 2015

Handmade presents four decades of the work of artist Susan Roth. Roth approaches all her work from the concerns of painting, and in so doing has developed major innovations in her treatment of surface as well as substrate. By means of wadding and bunching her canvas, collaging, radical cropping, explorations in various materials and a three-decade collaboration with Golden Artist Paints to expand the capacities of pigment beyond color to consistency, transparency, finish and pliability, Roth expands what drawing and even “two-dimensional” itself mean. Her work requires a new kind of attention and greater duration in looking. Often massive in scale and weight, these paintings have required custom frame design and construction. In 2008, Roth began making paintings of steel with new approaches to pigment applied by powder-coating that still echo and advance concerns from her earliest years.

Found in the most ancient artwork on cave walls - at once our first image and signature – and etched onto gold tablets sent aboard Voyager in search of other worlds, the hand is universally recognized across the sweep of millennia, and also the painter’s tool Roth most often employs. Deeply aware of ancestors and the long conversation that comprises the best art, Roth seeks what is timeless and best in painting, along paths to painting’s renewal.

Roth’s free-standing steel painting, Sacajawea (2012), currently previews Handmade in the Everson’s Rosamond Gifford Sculpture Court.

Bricks and Blocks

June 6, 2015 - August 9, 2015

“Bricks and Blocks” will explore the nature of creating with geometry and color, combining two seeming disparate mediums – LEGOs and quilting. Featuring winners from our 2015 LEGO Design Challenge, as well as local quilters.