Staff Members

Mary Jo Barnello
Chief Development Officer
Karen Convertino
Craig Costello
Museum Technician
Holly Falso
Administrative Assistant
Diana Frederick
Gallery Attendant
Kimberly Griffiths
Curator of Education and Public Programs
Rich Magnanti
Facility Manager
Sarah Massett
Interim Director
Kevin Montgomery
Dylan Otts
Josh Reynolds
Head Guard
Erin Serrao
Gallery Attendant
Renee Storiale
Visitor Services Manager
Allen Tallman
Museum Technician
Jennifer Turner
Project Assistant/Photographer
Andrea Williams
Gallery Attendant
Qiana Williams
Associate Curator of Education and Public Programs
Melissa Wrobel
Membership Coordinator


Mary Iverson
Sheila Goldie
Museum Shop Co-Manager
Karen Williams
Museum Shop Co-Manager
Joyce Bird

Board Members

Gary Grossman
Clifford Malzman
Vice President
Eugenia Brieva
Vice President
Valerie Clarke
David Holstein
Barbara Ashkin
Peter Blanck
Laurence Bousquet
Ann Clarke
Fouad A H Dietz
Phil Frankel
Otis Jennings
Thomas Kennedy
Gary Lavine
David Nutting
Patrick Pedro
Dr. Paul Phillips
Gary Pickard
Janine Price
Louise Rosenfield
Jack Rudnick
Lucia Whisenand
Karen Williams


Hon. Stephanie Miner
City of Syracuse
Hon. Joanie Mahoney
Onondaga County
Bill Fisher
Onondaga County Representative
Sarah Gentile
Syracuse City School District
Cathy Winger
Members' Council President


Russell Carlson
Richard Capozza
Noreen Falcone
Arthur Grant
William Hider
Bruce Kenan
Patricia Numann, MD
Stephen Rogers

Members' Council

Catherine Winger
Patti H. Anderson
Laurie J. Clark
Sharry Doyle
Florence Douque
Amy Egitton
Sheila Goldie
Larry Hoefler
Lee Harrington
Patricia Humpleby
Minnie Jenkins
Paul Johnson
Nancy Karapin
Nancy Keoghan
Elizabeth Lamb
Ellen Lautz
Rosaline Letiecq
Julie Longmore
Bernhard Moldrem
Margi Nasemann
Dorianne Parker
Susan Pickard
Chick Roeschlaub
Nana Ross
Cheryl Ward
Barbara Weller
Lucia Whisenand
Karen Williams

Everson Museum of Art Docents

Mary Ann Anderson
Victoria Beeching
Linda Blanding
Alice Boljoniss
Caroline Brust
Mary Burdick
Maryann Carrigan
Marjorie Carter
Patricia Centore
Mary Anne Corasaniti
Nancy Davidson
Terry Delavan
Louise Epolito
Cookie Falcone
Beatrice Farnsworth
Evelyn Fiorenza
Barbara Flintrop
Virginia Frey
Ellen Hardy
Lee Harrington
Larry Hoefler
Tom Huff
Carol Janik
Nancy Keoghan
Rosemary Krupka
Ellen Lautz
Patricia MacKillop
Anita Mackin
Lise Marcinkowski
Josy McGinn
Elin McGruder
Jody Murphy
Dorothy Pearl
Susan Pickard
Marilyn Post
Nana Ross
Marian Schoenheit
Elva Stebbins
Barbara Weller
Maryse Whorrall

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