Welcome to the Everson Museum of Art

In fitting with the works it houses, the Everson Museum building is a sculptural work of art in its own right. Designed by renowned architect I.M. Pei, the building itself is internationally acclaimed for its uniqueness. Within its walls, Everson houses roughly 11,000 pieces of art: American paintings, sculpture, drawings, graphics and one of the largest holdings of American ceramics in the nation.

Mission Statement

Our Mission: As the first museum devoted to collecting American art, the Everson uses this focus to make possible direct encounters with all art through its collections, exhibitions, scholarship, and educational programs.

Our Vision:

  • We capitalize on the innate, natural attraction of people to art and believe in its transformative power.
  • We are dedicated to the cultivation of lifelong learning using the universal language of art.
  • We cultivate curiosity with an inviting and dynamic environment.
  • We embrace collaboration and partnerships to build bridges among disciplines.
  • We are committed to serving our community by remaining relevant and accessible.
  • We are a unique cultural anchor and an integral part of a vibrant Downtown.

Learn through meaningful interactions with art. Build on your own experience and have the opportunity to articulate your ideas with others. Click for more. 


Become an important part of the Central New York arts community. The Everson offers many exclusive benefits to its members. more

Family Packs!

Fun Packs contain ideas for conversation and hands-on activities for all ages. They include objects, games, books, scavenger hunts and more to help make exploring the Everson Museum of Art fun for everyone! Family Fun Packs come in an easy to carry shoulder bag to bring with you as you explore the Museum.

Choose from three fun-filled packs:
Ceramic Safari, Color Explorer, or Architecture Explorer! 
Family Fun Packs are available for loan in the Museum Gift Shop, located on the main level of the Museum, during Museum hours. Last check-out at 4.00pm.